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Swatch Andorra

Since 1983, the year in which the Hayek Studio launched a low-cost, but high-tech, artistic watch with a strong emotional component, the Swatch was born. Its creation helped to create a quick and definitive recovery of the company. After five years, SMH became the most valuable watchmaker in the world.

All Swatch watches are delivered with a Swiss Made label, a concept of quality, both technical and aesthetic.

Multiple collections, full of original, colorful ideas, different techniques, including microelectronics and, above all, design, many times with pieces signed by different professionals. 24-month warranty.You will find the Swatch a The Embassy, exclusively in Andorra, with a range of more than 500 Swatch models for all tastes, and also a wide collection of children's watches from the Flik Flak brand.

You will find them exclusively at The Embassy.

The watch embodies the powerful style of the great Japanese graphic artist and printmaker. Here the influence of pop art is appreciated through a channeling of love with a capital A and the combination of humor and political commentary...
In his famous painting The Starry Night, van Gogh reflected the power of a brushstroke and managed to go beyond nature and light. This same beauty is evident in THE STARRY NIGHT BY VINCENT VAN GOGH, THE WATCH, a model that dazzles both day and night. It may take a lifetime to be a legend, but someti..
At first glance, a Swatch is never what it seems. BLUENRED by SWATCH's deep and intense matte navy blue surface blends beautifully with its passion red inner layer. But and when do you turn it around? OMG! You will become the center of all eyes...
This new CLASSIC SKIN BIOCERAMIC mounts a crystal of biological origin, and the color pink characterizes the dial of this fine pink watch. It's solid matte pink BIOCERAMIC case set on a solid matte pink silicone strap with matching loop. It also incorporates a plastic buckle...
This new stainless steel IRONY CHRONO watch features a black rubber strap with a structured top and a brushed stainless steel buckle. Its matte black dial with plastic crystal, white details, glow-in-the-dark dots and indexes is set in a brushed stainless steel case...
Classic interpretation of Solar Spectrum. A truly unique and mysterious blue design that transforms a watch into a resounding success. The Solar Spectrum effect on the LA NIGHT BLUE glass will leave no room for indifference, only surprise...
Classic interpretation of Solar Spectrum. A truly unique and mysterious black design that transforms a watch into a smash hit. The Solar Spectrum effect on the LA NIGHT glass will leave no room for indifference, only surprise. Making this watch the perfect complement...
The N-IGMA NAVY is mechanical magic in its purest form: the simple pleasure of taking the user on a journey inside design. Thanks to avant-garde techniques and Swiss Made quality, it is possible and also fun with a pinch of surprise and provocation. The elegant laser-cut dial reveals colorful day an..
A blue lake of "Swiss made" mechanical parts adds a fresh note on even the most disappointing day. The light white RETRO-BIANCO model emits a brilliant blue "pool" effect that fascinates young and old, while the ribbed strap is a wake-up call. Don't be shy and go out and play...
A SKIN for the romantic and timeless souls. A fusion of shiny stainless steel with a velvety mauve hue and luminous silver accents, it is the perfect allegory for the modern woman, strong-willed and sophisticated in detail. We present you SKINSOFTBLINK...
This light blue watch transmits a lot of peace. It features a clear matte bio-sourced case and a light blue matte silicone strap. Its transparent case has a semi-transparent white background that combines with black details. Its blue gears create the same depth as if you were looking at the ocean. A..
With a pure design, it is made with bio-sourced materials in the solid dark blue case, strap, loop and buckle, and includes a stunning satin blue dial...
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