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Maison Francis Kurkdjian

THE MAISON FRANCIS KURKDJIAN PERFUMES FIRM WAS BORN IN 2009 FROM THE UNION OF FRANCIS KURKDJIAN, ONE OF THE WORLD'S MOST ACLAIMED PERFUMERS, AND MARC CHAYA, CO-FOUNDER AND PRESIDENT OF THIS HOUSE OF FRAGRANCES. At age 15, Francis Kurkdjian already dreamed of becoming a renowned perfumer. And he got it. Together with Marc Chaya, he fulfilled his desire to create a sensual, generous and multifaceted landscape of free olfactory expression; which has led him to become one of the most talented perfumers of our time. Perfume, his indisputable passion, constantly leads him to want to break the molds, to release the fragrance from his bottle and to open doors that lead to new olfactory landscapes. For this reason, Maison Francis Kurkdjian understands his compositions as a "fragrance wardrobe". In other words, it is a modern take on the art of wearing fragrances. It does not have a predetermined style, but reserves the right to explore every possible olfactory field with whatever ingredient palette you choose. Each person, depending on their desire, can go from one composition to another. For Kurkdjian, the idea of ​​having a single fragrance is old-fashioned, so he plays with the concept of "olfactory infidelity". The same person may want a minimalist fragrance, an elegant floral, a redesigned oriental ...; depending on the time of day or just your mood. A perfume for every day ...
The Eau de Parfum 'Gentle Fluidity' (Gold Edition), is a musky oriental fragrance with notes of juniper berries, coriander, nutmeg, musks.This Eau de Parfum 'Gentle Fluidity' (Gold Edition), a perfume by Maison Francis Kurkdjian, belongs to a duo of different fragrances -Gold and Silver- that, howev..
The Eau de Parfum Gentle Fluidity (Silver Edition), is an aromatic woody fragrance with notes of juniper berries, coriander, nutmeg, musks...This perfume belongs to a duo of different fragrances -Gold and Silver-that, however, share the palette of ingredients. Same notes, two identities.The 'Gentle ..
OUD Satin Mood perfume extract is an oriental and floral perfume that conveys the oriental character. Like 'OUD satin mood', the perfume from which this extract comes, it is a luminous and feminine perfume.The vanilla and cinnamon accords give the perfume a very unique sweet and spicy touch. The ess..
OUD Satin Mood Eau de Parfum is an oriental, floral perfume that conveys the desire to bring a resplendent Orient to life. This perfume will envelop you with it, invites you to lose yourself in the depth of the moment and stop time.Notes: Violet accord, rose essence from Bulgaria, rose absolute from..
EAU DE PARFUM 'L'HOMME A LA ROSE', IS MAISON FRANCIS KURKDJIAN'S FREE INTERPRETATION OF A MASCULINE ROSE.'L'Homme A la rose' is a woody floral eau de parfum. In the first seconds, very fresh, green and explosive notes combined with a grapefruit accord and essence of Bulgarian and Damascus rose creat..
THE EAU DE PARFUM 'FÉMININ PLURIEL' BY MAISON FRANCIS KURKDJIAN IS A FLORAL PERFUME, it represents the eternal search for feminine quality, recognizable in the main classics of the history of perfumery.It has notes of Iris from Florence, violet, rose from Grasse, jasmine from Egypt, lily of the vall..
Parfum extract. Baccarat Rouge 540 Extrait de parfum intensifies the power and radiance of the three pillars that make up the Eau de parfum without betraying its original inspiration. Born from the mastery of the perfumer and time-tested wisdom, this Extrait de parfum is for Francis Kurkdjian, the c..
IT IS AN ODE TO FEMINITY, A DECLARATION OF LOVE TRANSLATED INTO FRAGRANCE. 250 FRESHLY FLOWERED ROSES IN GRASSE (FRANCE) OFFER ITS UNRIVALED WEALTH IN EACH BOTTLE.GRADES:Bulgarian Damask Rose, Grasse Centifolia Rose, Calabrian Bergamot, California Orange, Violet Accord, Magnolia and Musky Cedarwood ..
Body moisturizer. Nourishing Scented with Baccarat Rouge 240. Amber woody floral fragrance. Bright, intense and elegant.A body moisturizer enriched with shea butter extract to deeply nourish the skin. Leaves a subtle aroma of Baccarat Rouge 240 by Francis Kurkdjian.250 ml bottle..
A nourishing and hydrating body cream with shea butter extracts, OUD's satin mood conveys the desire to bring a resplendent Orient to life. You will want to wrap yourself in it, lose yourself in the depth of the moment and suspend time...
Born from the meeting of the Maison Francis Kurkdjian and the Maison Baccarat, the Baccarat Rouge 540 scented candle combines the magic of nature with legendary craftsmanship. It releases a graphic and highly condensed olfactory signature with a floral, amber and woody breeze Jasmine Saffron Ambergr..
Aqua Celestia Cologne forte is a fruity, citrus perfume that reveals a luminous and crystalline aura, offering a dream, a horizon that invites escape. Bergamot is colore by the fruity notes of black currant, jasmine and mimosa, before softening into a fruity musk accord.This radiant fruity eau de pa..
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