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Since its introduction in 1999, the Ice Cube Collection has continued to reinvent its modern aesthetic inspired by tiny blocks of ice. The cube, a symbol of perfection and an almost miraculous geometry, is a source of inspiration in all creative fields. With the choice of this figure, the Ice Cube c..
This magnificent earrings shows off her big heart and has considered generosity and kindness as her core values. The Happy Diamonds collection, a perfect combination between the talismanic heart and its iconic moving diamonds, unites all the big-hearted women in the world. Its motto ¨Little Diamonds..
This magnificent pendant represents the joy of living is a fundamental principle, a breath of fresh air, a form of dynamism destined to be shared. At the heart of every daily action, this precise moment drives the flutter and animates the endless dance of moving diamonds. Through the grace of a gest..
Earrings made in 18 kt yellow gold, GVS2 diamonds: 0.25 cts, pink tourmaline, heliodor, peridot, morganiteWeight: 3.40 grams..
Earrings made in 18 kt rose gold, GVS2 Diamonds: 0.175 cts and a 5 mm heart-shaped amethyst.Weight: 2.37 grams..
Earrings made in 18 kt White gold, GVS2 Diamonds: 0.25 cts and Sky Topaz.Weight: 6.54 grams..
Earrings made in 18 kt White gold, GVS2 Diamonds: 0.175 cts and 5 mm heart-shaped Swiss Topaz.Weight: 2.37 grams..
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